About us

Skoti-Pak Tapes

SKOTI-PACK has been present on the Polish market since 2003.
We specialize mainly in production of adhesive tapes with overprint as well as manual packaging tapes and machine packaging tapes.
In our offer you can find kraft paper tapes, masking polyethylene tapes, double – sided tapes, warning foils, stretch protective foil and bubble foil.

What will you gain by choosing cooperation with us?

Guarantee the reliability of its products

We guarantee high reliability of our products
We use materials of highest quality (polypropylene film) as well us modern production methods so that the thickness our tapes is constant. Our tapes also characterize with highest dynamometric parameters and strong initial adhesion in all conditions. Once put on the carton they are getting more adhesive and strong. Perfect solution for manual as well as machine packaging systems.

Professional service at all stages of our cooperation

The experience we gained in the industry enable us to advice ours customers how to choose materials that fits their needs best. Our clients have confidence in knowledge and competencies of our team.

Attractive prices of our products, promotions and discounts for regular customers

Fast order delivery

The production facility is located in Plock (center of Poland) so that we can easily and quickly reach every customer.