Tape with logo overprint

Packaging tapes with individual overprint are an excellent, cheap and long-lasting form of advertisement. Self-adhesive tape with overprint is the most simple and the most effective form of protection of parcels from undesirable opening during their transport.

Tapes can be overprinted with any design which can be prepared by our graphic designers basing on your project or your ideas. Tapes are produced using modern Sandwich technology – the overprint is done on the inner side of the tapes before applying the glue. This makes the overprint non-erasable and strong. Overprints can be done using up to 8 colors.

Overprint modules can be applied on tapes that are 19 – 150 mm wide.

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Packaging tape

Packaging tape – Tapes are made of high quality polypropylene. Thanks to that they characterize by strong initial adhesion, they are strong and tear resistant. Perfect for cartons, parcels and foil bags. They protect parcel during the transport and storage process.
We offer manual as well as machine packaging tapes.

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Roll of yellow adhesive tape isolated on white background

Paper painter tape

Paper painter tape of highest quality, used to prevent seepage and bleed-through during painting.
Available in white and yellow. Available width:

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taśma malarska UV

Masking polyethylene tapes

UV radiation and humidity resitant. Both for indoor and outdoor use.

Available in white, in widhts:

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silver tape skoti

Silver tape

Silver tape – Waterproof, cloth-backed, commonly used, perfect for assembling of ventilation, repairing rubber tubes and much more. Characterized by strong initial adhesion and resistance to externals. Very strong.

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Double-sided tape

Double-sided PP tape and Double-sided cloth tape are perfect for fast, modern way of fixing different elements. Suitable for fixing posters, banners as well as fixing carpets, carpet tiles and other floor covers.

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folia ostrzegawcza

Warning foils

Warning foils are appropriate to use as a warning or protection sign mainly for demarcation of dangerous places as : cuttings, building sites, road works.

Designed in a customary red-and-white and black-and-yellow pattern.

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Stretch foil

Stretch foil is used for packing of goods, wrapping pallets, etc. It is fast and the most economical way to secure cargo. Packaging using stretch foil makes pallet content easy to identificate as well as scaning barcodes on packages quick.

Stretch foil is 200-300% extendable as well as resistant to mechanical damage which makes it the perfect protection that maintains and stabilizes the load during the transport.

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Bubble foil

Bubble foil is the best way to protect sensitive products from damage, schock, water, movement of goods in carton etc.
Bubble foil adapts perfectly to the product of any shape. It is characterized by high flexibility and high resistance to tearing.

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