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Tape with logo overprint

Packaging tapes with individual overprint are an excellent, cheap and long-lasting form of advertisement. Self-adhesive tape with overprint is the most simple and the most effective form of protection of parcels from undesirable opening during their transport.

Tapes can be overprinted with any design which can be prepared by our graphic designers basing on your project or your ideas. Tapes are produced using modern Sandwich technology – the overprint is done on the inner side of the tapes before applying the glue. This makes the overprint non-erasable and strong. Overprints can be done using up to 8 colors.

Overprint modules can be applied on tapes that are 19 – 150 mm wide.

The product is ideally suited as a carrier of advertising and protects the product against unwanted opening. You can combine these attributes by sending its own products oplombowane just tape of the logo.

Self-adhesive tape printed with a simple and very effective method of securing cartons and other items during transport. Packaging film printed with a very important element supporting the company’s operations, because they are inexpensive and portable form of advertising.

On the tape you can put any print, our designers will develop the graphic design according to the above formula or it will design based on customer suggestions.

Tape widh logo overprint

Tapes of the highest quality printed logo

Tapes are produced by modern Sandwich – printing is performed on the inner side of the tape before applying the adhesive. This makes it resistant to abrasion.

Prints made on tapes having a width of 19 to 150 mm, can contain up to 8 colors. Durable and robust tape with overprint increase the visibility of the logo or brand. The company Skoti-PAK as a manufacturer of printed tapes offer prompt delivery and competitive prices.

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