taśma papierowa wodna


Effective, durable and eco-friendly paper tape is 100% natural. It is made of paper and starch glue:

Paper tape is resistant to cold, heat, light and moisture, it is very durable and connects to cardboard inseparably.


We specialize in production of self-adhesive printed tapes as well as hand and machine packaging tapes.

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Paper tape is made of very strong Kraft type paper coated with plant glue. The glue has perfect adhesive and sealing properties far better than plastic tapes. When bonding, it penetrates the layers of paper, which makes the connection very strong tight.

The glue can also join surfaces that are wet or dusted.

Paper tape is a completely recyclable and environmentally friendly product. The most common widths are 50/60/70/80 mm.

Available colours: brown or white. On request we can also manufacture tapes in different colours. We can also offer tapes with prints in up to 4 colours.

To make tapes even stronger, they are reinforced with polyester and glass fibres.

taśma podgumowana

Reinforced paper tape

Gummed paper tape reinforced with glass fibre is even stronger than paper tape.

It is made of two layers of Kraft paper additionally reinforced with glass fibre mesh.