We specialize in production of printed tapes, hand packaging tapes, machine tapes, eco-friendly paper tapes and paper tapes on water-activated starch adhesive.

Manufacturer of printed tapes and more

SKOTI-PAK has been operating on the Polish market since 2003. We specialize in production of self-adhesive printed tapes as well as hand and machine packaging tapes. Our offer also includes paper tapes, masking tapes, silver tapes, double sided tapes, warning tapes as well as stretch foil and bubble wrap.

Printed tape, silver tape and others – how will you benefit from cooperation with the manufacturer?

Each of our products is manufactured with the same high quality. The technologies applied in SKOTI-PAK tapes allow to maintain constant thickness and best dynamometric parameters. We use the best polypropylene film available on the market, which allows us to offer adequate solutions also for automatic packaging systems. As a leading manufacturer of printed tapes, we take orders from companies from the whole Poland.

Custom printed types Why?

Custom logo printed tapes

When offering mail-order sale, we need to ensure that the package looks professionally and the ordered products are safe. High-quality packaging tape allows to secure the package for shipment. Can it be used for anything else? Yes! Custom company logo printed tape improves the brand recognition at each stage of the package’s way to the client. It is a detail that will quickly become an additional advertising medium without generating high costs. Want to know more? Get in touch with our branch in Gdańsk!

Inexpensive printed tapes straight from the manufacturer

Competitive prices of custom printed tapes manufactured by SKOTI-PAK are a result of long experience, the use of latest technologies and automation of the manufacturing process. Your company’s logo is placed at the bottom of the tape, under a layer of glue, which makes our product more resistant to damage and wear. Whatever the weather is at the time when the package is delivered to the client – your printed graphics will stay unimpaired. Order now!

Attractive prices and high quality of service

Experience resulting from knowledge of the industry and used technologies allow us to provide consulting at each step of the project. Depending on the needs of the client, we adjust appropriate materials, method of production and product parameters to meet all the expectations.

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